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It’s a Rue Paris Cross Stitch Day

Today I worked on the Rue Paris Cross Stitch.

My cat also joined me. Loves the string action!


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Embroidery Sunflower

Lately, I have been drawing flowers. And this little embroidery was forgotten for a few days.

It is now completed.


To Do List

  • Continue drawing flowers in sketch book
  • Continue coloring flower drawings
  • Work on flower acrylic painting
  • Work on cross stitch
  • Work on knitting for the blanket

Let’s see if I can stick to this list

Happy Day


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Embroidery Stitching

This is the latest I have been working on. The reason I started embroidery was because I needed something simple and fun to do while I have been extremely busy with work and I needed a break from the Paris Rue cross stitch.


I am working on another one and will post when it is finished.

Happy Day


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Stitching on Christmas Day

It was a day that became unfamiliar. First my electricity went out for an hour. The house got cold again. I was in the middle of cleaning and going through art work and supplies and reorganizing my room with all my art in it.

Christmas is Rescheduled

Then my sister called and cancelled Christmas dinner. Might try to have it on New Years Day. My brother was exposed to Covid and two of his coworkers were tested positive.

So I Decided to Return to my PJS

So I decided to return to my PJs, finish the cleaning. And started to put gesso on the canvases I want to reuse. Then you guessed it, I stitched winter gathering and watched Netflix for the rest of the day.

Photos of winter Gathering

Today will be another day of being in PJS and stitching with Netflix or Hulu.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful


I closed my Etsy shop. It was too much work with my career. I might return later when I feel more confident and ready to dedicate more time on it. In the meantime, art will be made…stay tuned.


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Sunday Sunny Stitching

It’s been awhile since Derby has been posted.

Today at the studio, we woke up early, extremely early, 4am early. Because I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t get comfortable.

Sometimes the best sleep is on the sofa. Then it rained. My dog and I didn’t get to walk. By the time the sun came out, it was too hot.

I later got my second dose for covid vaccination. Then the fatigue started to set in.

I stitched in between my naps. At some point, you got to say enough for today. My brain was getting lazy and I just didn’t want to count my stitches anymore.

Here’s the progress from this weekend.

Tomorrow I will be home. Hopefully no more side effects from the vaccine. I plan to paint a graduation card. And may paint on canvas for awhile. We shall see how I’m feeling.

Happy day, Caroline


Friday Night Escape to the Derby

It’s been a week! I found myself stitching Derby a few times during the week. I find cross stitching relaxing and helps decrease my anxiety and overthinking.

Today, I didn’t have many things to do for work. So, it was stitching time. There must have been 2 hours where I continuously stitched and didn’t even get anything to drink. I had some tea before I began and felt satisfied. It was just the store bought black tea.

Soon I will get back to my tea of choice when stitching. Life has been too stressful lately. Yea, tea would help but with electricity going out, working a lot, stressed with my dog getting old, aggrevated with work, annoyed with people, and just plain tired, brewing tea hasn’t been on my mind.

I bought 2 new cross stitch patterns….I know I am not close to being done with Derby.

One is of birds in the winter for my sister. And the other is a Paris scene for me. It’s motivation to finish Derby very quickly. Just 8 more pages!

Yes, seriously, 8 MORE PAGES!

We will see what tomorrow brings, maybe more stitching…


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Sunday with Tea and Stitching

The best times for me is having tea while the Autumn weather is trying to become winter. As the tea is bring shipped, easily I can forget about the snow coming.

I took the dog for a walk and came in to boil some water for my afternoon Sunday tea. The other day I was gifted a present of various teas and a mug.

In the various teas were chamomile and lavender tea, which sounded like a good choice for this lazy day.

The nice part of this tea is the tea bag had a quote attached to it.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare

As to my stitching, it is coming along.

Thanks for visiting this blog.



Saturday Stitching

Today I took the day off of work. It was a nice day to have off. I did not go anywhere, I tend to stay home on Halloween, I’m not a fan of it.

I started my day with yoga and then started cross stitching. That’s my old dog always following me around, along with my cats…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My focus was to finish the column I began from last night.

It became successful.

There’s a lot of thread colors and much movement in my arm.

I have tennis elbow and really should not be putting strain on my arm, but the stitching can’t stitch itself!

I’m paying the price of overworking my arm, it hurts a lot. I’ll ice it as soon as I post this blog.

Here’s the photos of the update…

Thank you…

I want to say thank you to those who are following this blog. I didn’t expect anyone to follow a cross stitching blog, it’s nice to know this “old fashioned needlepoint” is of interest to others. I appreciate you.


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Thursday Stitching

It’s been awhile since a post has been published. I have been working and keeping up with some of my other artwork.

Today was a nice day off of work. I decided to relax on the sofa watch some Netflix and stitch.

Derby is a long process, but it’s getting closer to bring finished by every stitch.

Below is the most recent full photo of Derby.

I’ll stitch again soon having my chamomile tea or a new tea… time will tell.