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Day 8: Black and White- in Art Work

These are my black and white doodle drawings. I want to get back into designing these again.

Happy Day


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Bookmark Art

As I sit under many blankets plus the weighted blanket, coloring is calling me.

I grabbed some of my bookmarks and gel pens and headed to relax my legs.

It’s another night of my legs feeling swollen and achy. That’s what happens with rheumatoid arthritis and edema.

I must confess, I have been eating too much sugar and not enough fruits. Tomorrow back to my strict eating. (Gluten free dairy free and soy free, eliminate sugar.) And I need to buy melon as it helps to release fluid in my body.

Happy Day


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Doodling a Leaf

Today I spend time in the morning doodling. Doodling is relaxing and can decrease anxiety. As an Art Therapist, I recommend doodling. Here is a way to draw your own doodles. I recommend to stay on a budget as this is a fun activity and supplies don’t have to be expensive.


  • Drawing paper 9″x12″
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • x-acto knife
  • gel pens
  • shapes to trace/stencils

Choose the colors you want for your color scheme. Below is a photo of the different sizes of pens. You can start out my one size and later on add more to your collection.

Measure out the paper. I cut my paper in quarters measuring 4.5″x6″ . You can measure off the size that is preferred.

Use an x-acto knife for precise cut.

I have wooden shapes available to trace. As an art therapist, my studio is full of all sorts of supplies. I bought these shapes for a project and had some left over. You can use stencils. Or find images on the internet to trace and cut out.

Once you have the pattern you want to trace, lightly trace around it in pencil.

Take a black pen and section off areas you want to have different patterns. Then start making patterns of shapes in each area.

After the sections are filled in, take the black pen and go over again to make it thicker, also don’t forget to outline the sides.

Below is a youtube of a video about:

Doodling A Leaf

Happy doodling



Crown in a Doodle

This is the most current doodle I have completed. It began with a doodle using a black gel pen. After I felt the doodle scribble was completed, I began coloring in shapes with markers and colored gel pens.

I worked on this drawing for over a week. Most of the evening, prior to sleep, I will draw or color. I usually spend about 30 mins to 1 hour on the coloring, or when I am too tired to stay awake. It is relaxing and calming to do after a day of work.

This is the completed Crown in a doodle drawing. I kept the negative spaces in this drawing, which makes it look unique.

Crown in a Doodle, by Caroline 2020
do not copy.

Close up photos of Crown in the doodle drawing:


Peacock Doodle

Colorful Peacock 2016 by Caroline

This is a doodle drawing of a peacock. A few years ago I would take an animal shape and create doodles on them. Peacocks has always fascinated me by their feathers and colors.

This drawing took me a week to complete. I used gel pens and finely thin pens. I took my time and was focused on creating tiny details in the doodle.

Hope you enjoy this one.

I am working on a doodle drawing, have not been able to get to it this week. I have been exhausted with my job. I plan to work on it some tonight.