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Sunday Stitching Day

It’s been a few weeks! Things have settled down. I’m still considering moving. But I might hold off on it for awhile. I’m thinking of moving closer to the lake. I might have to wait until home prices reduce.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get back to my normal. Stitching on Derby cross stitch has been the focus.

Here’s the latest. I’m now 2 pages away from completing this. It’s exciting as I began this June 2018!

I’ll post again

Happy Day


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Chapter 5 Reclaiming my story

I have been posting about about The Creative Cure, book by Jacob Nordby.

This chapter is about creating your story.

I looked ahead in the chapter, there’s a lot of writing assignments.

I’m thinking this chapter will be broken down into mini posts.

So far it’s about storytelling and how we say things to ourselves. Page 86 “unconscious stories are the ones formed in part by the forces of socialization, rejection, and traumatic experiences.”

Page 90 he writes about rejection is part of the enemies of creativity. But it is also tied to perfection.

This statement resonates with me: “… perfectionism is like a creative poison so many of us willingly drink, without realizing that it’s paralyzing our ability to move toward our dreams and joy. We all carry the fear of rejection.” Page 92

Next post he explains about how a particular tool can help to overcome rejection…

In the meantime

Today was much too hot and humid. I found out a person I know is going through more life threatening issues. It makes me sad. She single and has to go through so many adjustments with her physical health, it saddens me. People forget single people are everything, bankers, shoppers, cooks, cleaners and their own nurse etc… I relate to this as I’m single and many don’t ever think about the challenges I face with my physical health. They just assume since I woke up, I’m fine. Not the case when health scares happen. I pray my friend gets a miracle and finds strength in her situation.

That was on my mind today. I took a nap, made dinner and cross stitched.

Cross stitch update

Here’s a detail of what I stitched today.

Happy day


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Sunday Studio Day

Today was a rainy day. I started the day with writing, yoga and painting. Then I spent the rest of the day cross stitching.

Here’s the pictures of the progress of the big flower painting:

More drying time and more layers to go. I noticed my hand has difficulty to hold the brush and keep it steady. It looks like the inflammation is causing problems. I really hate having rheumatoid arthritis! Grrr!

Put I can hold a cross stitch needle. I think because I can lean my hand on the hoop and I can rest it in the fabric before I pull on it to make a stitch.

I’m almost done with page 17. Page 18, 19 & 20 are full pages and page 21 has only 2 columns for stitching.

It’s getting closer to being finished!

Happy day


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A little knitting

I have been finishing the knit headband for over a month. I knit in-between clients and early morning. However the past two weeks I have been suffering from an increase of inflammation and edema and chronic fatigue. So knitting was difficult to work on.

A few nights ago, the headband was finally finished.

I knitted a scarf a few months ago that goes with this headband.

Currently another knotted project has been started.

The plan is to knit an oversized scarf that can be used as a wrap.

The current stitch I am learning is hurdle stitch.

It’s rather simple.

Cast on the amount of stitch for your project

Row 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 k1, p1
Row 4 k1, p1
Then bind off when you get to the size of your project.

The weather is decent, finally the humid muggy weather has left us. Hopefully it won’t come back. I’ll be taking a walk with my dog and heading to the store. Later today, cross stitching and Netflix or Hulu is the goal.

Here’s where I left off with my stitching

Happy day


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Flower #5 flower doodle

Thank goodness it is Friday. Even though I work for a few hours tomorrow. I’m glad to have most of the day off. I really needed the break from the past few days.

It is raining with a nice breeze. I smell food from outside. It kinda smells like fried potatoes.

I spent the day watching movies and tv shows. And cross stitching. It’s been too long since I picked up my needle for stitching Derby.

Here is where I am at now…

What’s next?

At least one less column! I had to return to the fabric store to get more DMC colors. And I bought a new color of yarn…I want to knit an oversized wrap to use at my office. It gets cold in my office.

That will be another post in the future.

I did yoga and finished my doodle flower drawing. It done on a 9″x 6″ paper.

I will be concentrating on finishing my next painting.

And the rest of the month will be starting and completing a large flower painting. You will have to stay turned to more posts to see it. Sneak peak is coming soon.

(maybe I’ll add in some small flower paintings)

Etsy shop is open: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day


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Sunday Sunny Stitching

It’s been awhile since Derby has been posted.

Today at the studio, we woke up early, extremely early, 4am early. Because I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t get comfortable.

Sometimes the best sleep is on the sofa. Then it rained. My dog and I didn’t get to walk. By the time the sun came out, it was too hot.

I later got my second dose for covid vaccination. Then the fatigue started to set in.

I stitched in between my naps. At some point, you got to say enough for today. My brain was getting lazy and I just didn’t want to count my stitches anymore.

Here’s the progress from this weekend.

Tomorrow I will be home. Hopefully no more side effects from the vaccine. I plan to paint a graduation card. And may paint on canvas for awhile. We shall see how I’m feeling.

Happy day, Caroline


Crossing Another Column Off

Today I spent many hours cross stitching. In between stitching, I walked my dog, helped to feed a neighbor’s cat and went shopping, cooked lunch and dinner. That’s a lot for my last vacation day.

I began this cross stitch two years ago. I’m getting closer to finishing. But by a glance of an eye, the stitching doesn’t look like there’s much progress.

There’s many color changes. To cross stitch one block can take up to an hour. It depends on how tired I am, my arthritic hand and my distraction level.

I normally watch Netflix or Hulu while stitching. While stitching I was watching a documentary about spiritual cults. Very interesting.

Now back to cross stitching…

I wonder when this will be completed? Below is a picture of the remaining area to be cross stitched.

Do you have a guess?

Happy Stitching,

cross stitch

Hot Sunday at the Derby

I have been trying to find a more steady schedule to stitch. Unfortunately, I just can’t find more time in my week.

Since today is very hot where I live, I am stitching. The day consisted of me getting the covid vaccination, then to the garden center, then home, a nap and stitching for the rest of the day.

Here’s my garden, I have a courtyard and get to plant anything I want in it. I love my courtyard.

Onto Derby,

I have been on page 17 of 21, for a long time. I have not given updates, because it’s a challenge to see the progress as most stitches are black, navy or midnight colors. Kinda boring…

I’ll post my next update, hopefully sooner than later.

Happy stitching


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Rounding Another Corner

It’s been a slow start for January stitching. It’s been partly too tired and partly too busy on the weekends to stitch

Yesterday was a snowstorm. We didn’t get too much, I decided to stay home and stitch. Though I took a nap and didn’t get as much done as I wanted to.

I’m on page 15, finished three columns. There’s 21 pages total.

The bottom portion is mainly the horse’s legs showing them in a running position.

There’s a lot of DMC 310 black in the current columns stitched. We shall see what the next few columns look like soon.

Until next time,