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Intuitive Painting #6

I have been painting on a canvas for the past week. Each night instead of journalling in a notebook or in an art book, I took my journalling to a canvas.

Below is the previous journal entries in a 24″x 30″ canvas

Here’s the #6 intuitive Painting from yesterday.

I have been feeling more like myself. In the past few days decisions were made. I’m going to look into buying a home. I live in a townhouse, which I do love, but the neighbors and being on the board has caused toxic relationships to appear. I was happier here when I was not on the board. I had more free time and didn’t know what people were like here. Until now.

Yesterday, was house cleaning day. I started in my closet, took clothes to donation. And shredded papers and took that to recycle bin. In between of that, my art supplies got organized. I am happier to know that going inside a craft store is not needed any time soon. I certainly have own store!

During the evening it was relaxing, exercise and knitting. I fell asleep on the sofa. That felt great. I forgot to write and post this blog. So now it’s morning.

I will be seeing a few clients. And I will be resting maybe cross stitching. I’m glad to have my free time back.

I still want to quit being on the board, but not sure how soon I’ll find a house to buy. Until then I’m going to try to keep my peace.

Happy Day


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Intuitive Painting #5

I’m on day 5 of intuitive Painting. I have been journalling my emotions into a canvas daily. I have been under a huge amount of stress from harassing neighbors and now increase of stress being on the HOA board.

Today I have been busy looking at homes. I am planning to sell my home and buy somewhere maybe closer to my sister.

Happy Day


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Chapter 5-Poetry for healing

The exercise is about feeling through words. This writing’s focus is on finding feeling words and let go of all rules that apply to writing poems.

He suggested to find a imagine that gives a feeling. I chose a photo of me and my mom.

Write a list of words that describe the emotion, scene, colors and any details. Think if the 5 senses.

Happy, safe, pink, joy, giggle, love, soft, warm, calm, passion, excitement, kind, accepted, clean, sweet, gentle, cuddle, affection, sparkle

What are my thoughts

I never wrote a poem this way. I liked it. It gave me a nostalgic feeling, a longing to return to that time, it brought tears in me, that I’ll never have that touch again. The tears are about the loss, grief of my mom’s passing, but it’s also a longing of wanting to have affection again.

Page 97. “…The real practice is to nourish a sense of safety and begin to send signals to your subconscious that you are good enough and worthy of being heard and seen and accepted.”

Happy day


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Blobs of Paint-an art journal entry

This morning I started a new journal entry, using the same process of blobs of paint on the paper. But an added step to it at the end..


  • Acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Flat brush
  • Journal
  • Palette
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • Clean damp rag

Chose 4 colors of acrylic paint. Any color that appeals to you.

Use a flat brush and paint blobs of colors onto the paper. Fill it until the white paper is covered.

After it is dried, chose 2 more colors. And paint on top of the colors on the paper. Let it dry completely.

Put white acrylic paint onto a clean damp rag.

Wipe it onto the blob painting.

The final look, the painting has a soft muted look to it.

Another great way to paint a background for your journal entries.

Happy Day

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And then there’s a creative art journal

My flower journey is still going on. While painting flowers this month, I’m also started back to creating art journal pages.

Along with reading “the creative cure” it made sense to me to work in my journal.

This is a great way to start when you are unsure what to paint. It’s also a good way to loosen up if feeling tense and restricted about painting. And it’s a great way to paint a background.

Here’s the directions:

The brush of colors

  • Acrylic paint
  • Flat brush
  • Journal
  • Palette
  • Water
  • Paper towels

Chose 4 colors. Any color that appeals to you.

Use a flat brush and paint blobs of colors onto the paper. Fill it until the white paper is covered.

After it is dried. Choose 2 more colors. And paint on top of the colors on the paper.

That’s the first part….more to come about this painting.

Where’s my flowers? I’m working on some paintings for Etsy…will be showing them on blog soon, and posting on Etsy hopefully at the end of July.

Happy day


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What is creativity? Chapter 2 of The Creative Cure by Jacob Nordby

He suggests this mantra:

I am creative. I am an artist. I am creating my life.

uhmmm, Am I? That is the struggle. Do I see myself as an artist or see myself as a counselor. I certainly don’t do art daily. But I work as a counselor most of the week.

On page 4 he writes “somewhere along the way, we traded this immersive creativity for logic, predictability, correctness, and responsibility.”

That is very true in my life. Logical thinking must be present in order to establish stability for clients. Predictability, people depend on that to calm their nerves. Correctness-let’s face most of my day, I am correcting their behaviors or decisions. Responsibility, well that is part of the job, a lot of rules and laws to follow. So where is the creativity in my day?

Wait! He writes about the enemies of creativity: there are three types of areas that cause out block for creativity:

Socialization, traumatic experiences, rejection-pg 5

Socialization: There is an influence from society that causes the creative to not feel welcomed. The social norms seem to rob us of our youth and creative spirit. I conformed to a full time job with benefits and all the perks. I couldn’t life that way anymore. I went into private practice. I work better with a flexible schedule. When I started working with a flexible schedule, there were doubters, saying it will be hard to pay my bills. It hasn’t been hard, in fact easier! They said that I wouldn’t like having to work in the evening. wrong I prefer late afternoon and evening times, I feel more energy then. What do social norms know about me anyway?!

Trauma: I have witnessed and listened to trauma experiences for all my life. Trauma I believe has caused my flow of creativity to stall. It has caused intense anxiety, social anxiety and feelings of depression. I work with clients with trauma and have heard things that will never be able to unhear again. I feel a sense of sadness about people’s trauma. I never acknowledged my trauma until this year. I will never forget witnessing my friend being physically abused by her brother at her birthday party. I never wanted to go over anyone’s home. I still feel that way today. I prefer my place and I prefer quietness. I will not watch anything with abuse in it as it causes me to have anxiety and flashbacks.

I have experienced trauma of my mother’s death. It is something I don’t share, as there are parts of her death that will remain hidden and only me will carry them. I accepted her death, but the sadness of watching my father age is traumatic for me.

Rejection. Definitely happens to me all the time. I was rejected my the first boy I had a crush on. I was rejected by men that pretended to like me. I say pretend because it was simply that, they were dishonest with me and the woman they were dating. I was stood up my a man for a date. I was in the middle of getting ready, that I double checked on the time and he finally replied an hour late. And I was rejected for a job that I really wanted: I was more of an art job working with mental health. I was upset.

Here’s a few paintings about my grief and trauma:

More to come

Happy day


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Flower #4 Delight and Brights

What a Day! It started out stress with more stress and now ending in more delight and bright.

It was freshing to sit at my table to make art and use paper materials.


  • Assorted decorative paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Sponge brush
  • Acrylic markers

First choose the colors of the background. Layer the tissue paper on top of each other to blend colors. To layer use glue and water together and brush on paper with sponge brush then brush the tissue paper to smooth it.

Glue/water mixture. .add enough glue and water to make the glue thin, that way it is easy to spread.

Next cut out flower petal shapes in decorative paper.

Glue the petal shapes on the paper and take the glue/water mixture and go over the surface.

Let it dry. Then add details on the paper with acrylic markers.

Happy day