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Scarf is Finished

Updates on Crafting

I’m excited to announce this scarf is finished!

I will be focusing on the shawl. Hopefully the shawl will be completed by March. In time to use it for spring weather.

Cross Stitch

Rue Paris Progress

Happy Day


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Update on My Goal List

I made goals at the beginning of this year. The goal is to complete what was started! Let’s see what has been done. And read the books I have. Plus no additional shopping, use what I have with my arts and crafts.

The Knits

There are 2 knitting projects, one a scarf and the other is a wrap.

The scarf is knitted with seed stitch. The wrap is knitted in hurdle stitch. It has 4 rows which is row one: knit stitch, row two: knit stitch, row three: knit, purl, row four: knit purl

The scarf is getting close to being completed. I may be able to wear this scarf before the winter ends!

Below is purl stitch. Garter stitch is the edge.

The wrap has much more to finish. I just added the other skein of yarn a few days ago. I also have to stop knitting it at a certain length, so I can knit pockets for it. (being a little adventurous)!

Below is close up of hurdle knit stitch.


I am not a fan of reading. I prefer to write, but I know my writing is not professional.

The Bible study is going well, every night I listen to the study and make notes. I have been learning a lot.

The other books-well they make it out of the bin, but then onto a table. I just can’t get myself interested. The goal was to read, not to complete the entire bin. Maybe I have revisit this goal.

I Bent the Rules

I was going to finish another cross stitch before I began Rue Paris. But I just wanted so badly to start it. So I am now focused on Rue Paris. I am ok with that. I think I will alternate between the one I need to finish and Rue Paris.

Below is how much I have accomplished on the stitching. I’ll stitch Rue Paris on Sunday.

Happy Day


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Waffle Knit Stitch

Last night I completed a scarf. It’s in time to wear for the windy rainy weather we are having today.

I used the waffle stitch. It’s a pretty design but also not overly heavy.

Waffle Stitch Directions

Here’s how to stitch the waffle knit stitch…

  • Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches then add 1 stitch.
  • Row 1- k1, p2 repeat, last stitch is k1
  • Row 2- p1, k2 repeat, last stitch is p1
  • Row 3-knit all stitches
  • Row 4- knit all stitches

Here’s a drawing I made to keep my rows correct. I kept forgetting to use my number clicker for each row. When I set it down I had to think about which row I was on.

If the working yarn is toward your right hand and it shows little balls of design then it’s row 2 or row 4.

If it looks like waffle side, you can be on row 1 or row 3.

Blocking your Knit Project

After my scarf was completed I used a blocking method to get the rolls on the side to lay flat. Just place your scarf or whatever you knitted on the table, and place books on top of it, you will need a few books on it. Keep it there over night and the rolls should be flat.

I might make myself ear warmers with this yarn. It will be a simple knit to take with me to the office and work on it when I have breaks in the day or when my clients don’t show for their appointment.

Happy Day


Etsy shop

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Chevron Seed Stitch

A simple short post about the next knitting stitch…

Chevron seed stitch- it’s very easy good for a beginner

Multiples of 8 (cast on 32 for a scarf)

Row 1- P1, K3, P1,K3

Row 2- K1, P5, K1, P1

Row 3- K2, P1, K3, P1, K1

Row 4-P2, K1, P1, K1, P3

Repeat until the end. Then cast off.

This is going to be a scarf. If I run out of yarn I can easily make a headband. Time will tell.

See more of my art on: Etsy shop- 4pawsartstudio

Happy Day


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A little knitting

I have been finishing the knit headband for over a month. I knit in-between clients and early morning. However the past two weeks I have been suffering from an increase of inflammation and edema and chronic fatigue. So knitting was difficult to work on.

A few nights ago, the headband was finally finished.

I knitted a scarf a few months ago that goes with this headband.

Currently another knotted project has been started.

The plan is to knit an oversized scarf that can be used as a wrap.

The current stitch I am learning is hurdle stitch.

It’s rather simple.

Cast on the amount of stitch for your project

Row 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 k1, p1
Row 4 k1, p1
Then bind off when you get to the size of your project.

The weather is decent, finally the humid muggy weather has left us. Hopefully it won’t come back. I’ll be taking a walk with my dog and heading to the store. Later today, cross stitching and Netflix or Hulu is the goal.

Here’s where I left off with my stitching

Happy day


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Thursday Heat

It’s been a week of hot humid weather.

Yesterday there’s was no posting about what’s happening at 4pawsartstudio because it wasn’t an interesting day. Basically I worked all day and took my dog to the vet and helped my neighbor out with feeding her cats.

Waking up extra early helped me to get out for a walk with my dog before the sun started to beat down on my fair skin.

After I started to knit the scarf. It was a surprise that I was able to finish it before I had to go into the office this afternoon.

It looked to boring… let’s add tassels!

I pinned the markers where to knit in the tassels.

Then measure and cut 12″ long of the color for the tassel. I had 3 strands in 12 groupings for each end of the scarf. Take a crochet hook and find the center, loop the grouping of yarn and crochet it where the marker is. But leave a loop and add the tail into the loop to tie it in place.

Then I cut the ends to match the length of the tassels.

I’m very pleased with it.

Look for it on Etsy in my shop named: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day


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Tired Tuesday

Today has been productive with seeing clients today. I work as an art therapist and counselor, and found today to be exhausting. I think the heat has really affected me. I can not wait for cooler weather to get a good nights sleep soon.

I managed to put some time in with knitting. It was worth the extra time, as the color change to the scarf has begun

For some reason my fingers just wanted to give my knitting a hard time today. The exhaustion of the heat and how it affects the Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammation has really done a number on me.

Well eventually I will get this scarf done. My goal is to have it done by Friday, to start on a new project.

Here’s the evening self-care: self-care is needed for creativity

  • Evening walk with my dog
  • Evening yoga
  • Pet the cats
  • Go to bed

I can’t resist sharing how the new cat joined me with yoga.

Maybe I’ll be able to recharge myself for more creativity.

Etsy shop is open.

Happy Day,



The Purl Stitch

The Purl Stitch is the opposite of knit stitch. The stitch is in reverse of the knit stitch. The knit stitch is the basic stitch when it comes to knitting.

Purl Stitch will look like tiny bumps. I’m working on the seed stitch with the white and orange scarf….

Basics of Purling:

  • The yarn must be in front of the needle.
  • When knitting the purl side is wrong side.
  • On the right side there will be rows of “V” shapes

Steps to Purl Stitch:

Working yarn needs to be in the front of the needle.

Insert right needle into the front of the left needle.

Wrap the yarn around the right needle.

slide your right needle down, with some tension. Move the right needle down and through the loop. Slide it off the needle. The stitch should be on the right needle.

Below the first stitch is the knit stitch the second stitch is the purl stitch.

It’s very simple once you do a few purl stitches.

Happy Stitching