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Day 17: Your Pet

These are my paws. My studio and this blog is named after my them. I always call them 4paws when I’m looking for them, especially the cats!

I have a white cat who is mischievous, knocks things off the counter. Broke about 3 items. He’s been living here for 6 months. I love him and don’t get overly mad at him breaking things. My sentimental items are locked in a cabinet, so he can’t easily get to those.

My dog is about 13 years old. It makes me sad she older. Definitely seeing old age in her. She was my aunt’s dog, I took her in after she died.

Then there’s the revolutionist. Always up to something but is too afraid to do it. She’s a sweetheart. She’s all about me. She will cuddle by me, but she’s a large cat and it can become uncomfortable.

And finally my blind cat. She’s my nighttime buddy. She gets excited to jump on my bed and lay on her pillow by me. She loves to be held, well I think she does. Lol. She walks up and down the stairs, will run the white cat downstairs. And she loves playing. Blind yes, but really she has the same behaviors as a cat with eyes.

And I want to share I had 4 other cats prior. I terribly miss them. One was a shy little Maine coon. The other was a stray I took in. Tabby cat. Boy, she didn’t put up with anyone’s BS. Except mine. Loved her dearly. And a black cat, who was my sister’s but he preferred me. He was in love with me. And then the calico. Loved her. She was Miss house manager. She kept me on my toes. My heart breaks without them.

Happy Day



Checking Off My List

I wrote a list at the beginning of the year as a goal to minimize my home.


  • Go through make-up and nail polish
  • Go through office
  • Repaint office-brighten it
  • Go through art work
  • Storage room- reorganize
  • Get rid of things in storage closet not using
  • Clean out closet in office
  • Go through kitchen drawers
  • Reorganize cookbooks
  • Go through clothes

I have succeeded in checking off a lot on this list.

What is left?

  • Repaint office
  • Go through art work
  • Go through clothes.

Arts and Crafts List

  • Finish winter Gathering
  • Finish knit shawl
  • Finish knit scarf
  • Finish wooden houses
  • Start new cross stitch
  • Start knit blanket
  • Painting and drawing- when I feel need to create, I’ll be in the studio

Accomplished on Arts and Crafts

  • Finished winter Gathering
  • Started new cross stitch
  • Working on daily to finish the knitted shawl.
  • working on knitted scarf when a client does not show for a session

Stay tuned to my decluttering progress, more gluten free meals, more art and anything in-between!

*thanks for following me, it a wonderful support to know someone cares what I say and doing in my life!*

Happy Day