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Day 18: Your Shoes

Shoes are a girl’s life. But boots is what I love to wear..

Happy Day


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Day 4: Something Green

Plants. I love a home full of plants. Indoor plants provides a natural look to the decorating but plants are a benefit to our health and home

Benefits of Plants

  • Air purification, indoor plants can absorb carbon dioxide and they help release oxygen
  • Plants release moisture into the air.
  • Plants improve your mood
  • Reduce fatigue, improves stress and anxiety.
  • improve focus
  • minimizes headaches.
  • helps with dry skin

Photography of My Plants

From left to right: cactus, green onions, Christmas cactus

Palm tree- it’s 11 years old

Snake plant

From left to right: ivy, peppermint

Christmas cactus

Both of these are cactuses

Poinsettia tree- I took the plant a few years ago and replanted it in a larger pot. I heard it can be grown indoors. It needs to be in a dark place to get the red leaves, but around Christmas I get a few red leaves even near this window.

From left to right: mini rose, and some kind of cactus (I think)


Mini rose plant

Some kind of tree plant.

Those are my plants, they are in my living room, dinning room, and the bedrooms.

I love bringing nature into my home. It’s fun watching them grow and bloom.

If I move, I really would love to have a sunroom to put my plants in.

Your Shopping Wishes

plant grow light
potting soil
pots for plants-looks like a great deal
Sticky traps for indoor plants to catch insects
watering can with plant mister

Happy Day


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Day 3: Clouds- It’s Snow Instead

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This post was to be about clouds. But I wanted to capture the snow. The mideastern states has a snowstorm. All precipitation was present…rain, warmer temperatures, ice wintery mix and snow.


It’s very important to dress warm outside. I have tons of scarves and hats and gloves. I need to buy a new winter coat and boots for next year. The links below is what I am considering.

Your Shopping Wishes

winter coat
winter boots

Happy Day