Stitching is Coming in to a Lead

Here’s the update on the progress for Derby.

I have to admit I miscounted, again. I don’t know what happened other than I just wasn’t paying attention. Right now it’s not noticable. However as I stitch the next few rows it could be noticed.

Let’s just hope it’s going to blend in well.

It’s unbelievable how many colors are in one block.

The photos are showing the colors nicely. However in person it’s quit stunning. I can’t stop looking at it.

Hope you are enjoying this Derby cross stitch.

Happy Memorial Day



Thursday Derby Update

The stitching is going crazy! The first jockey has been cross stitched. And now the second jockey is starting to be stitched.

The blue colors are sharp and bright next to the gold. Definitely fun to watch the blues come to life.

Here’s the progress

This Derby cross stitch is on its way. I am planning to stitch more this weekend.



May Stitching

This is where the stitching was left off at the beginning of May.

It’s been a difficult month. There was intense ups and downs within myself and with my clients. I concentrated on finishing my yoga teacher training. And now trying to work on managing this stress hovering around me.

I stitched a lot but just didn’t have the energy to put it in a blog post.

So here are some photos of the progress on Derby.

I get amazed at the different amounts of thread colors in one section. It has taken a long time to finish some of the cross stitch blocks because of the amount of colors. It’s worth the time and effort.

And then there’s the tea

Today I am working from home and will have the morning and evening to stitch.

This morning I’m starting my day off with green tea.

It’s a blooming flower called Soothing Star. It has a nice smooth flavor. Comfortable on my throat.

Look how pretty it is:

Well I’m going to enjoy my tea and stitch before I have to sign in to work.


cross stitch

Crossing Derby

I am on page 8. I have 2 more rows to complete. The second row is starting to show the horses.

It is extremely exciting to see this come alive.

I won’t be able to stitch until Friday and throughout the weekend.

Here’s a review of the progress on Derby cross stitch.

Until I have time for tea and cross stitch, enjoy the progress.


cross stitch

Time for Tea and Stitching

The choice of tea today is from Simple Loose Leaf, Anise Pear.

The description is “sweet like candy.” It has anise and elderberries in it. It is a green tea.

Derby Cross Stitch

I have stitched a little yesterday. Here is where I left off at:

The horse is starting to be shown in this cross stitch.

I had to stop stitching tonight. My arthritic hand is stiff and need to rest.

Hope you enjoy this progress.



Yesteryear’s Sweetheart

Dutch girls cross stitch:

I began the Yesteryear’s Sweetheart series some time ago, approximately around the year 2010. I have not completed the series, nor have stitched it recently, because my time is devoted to the Derby Cross stitch which I include on this blog. (You can follow my progress on Derby, by following this blog.) The series has the days of the week and each individual month. The days of the week is completed. There are a few more months of the series to stitch.

Dutch girls in any art form is my favorite. The nostalgia of living in times where it appears that life was simple and life had more of a peaceful meaning is something I long for.

My goal is to include this in a wall hanging with a patchwork quilt design around it.

I need to take 52 weeks off of work! Ha ha, if that could only be a possibility then I would get all of the cross stitching completed and make room for starting more.

I will introduce you to the Month Series of Yesteryear Sweethearts in a future post.


Stitching a Different Stitch

It is too difficult to take my cross stitch with me to work. I have a job that is extremely flexible with my work hours and if I am not seeing a client I don’t have to “look busy.” Sometimes I will have 2 hours to wait until my next client comes in. I usually watch something on Netflix on my laptop maybe I have to finish some documentation, other times, I am caught up and need something to do. I could read, but reading was never an interest.

I have been working on a crochet blanket for probably 3 years. This is the year I claim will be the year I finish some projects. This is one that is on the top of my list. I don’t love crochet, in fact I find it incredibly boring. Most likely I won’t start another one for a long time, if I even decide to. I prefer the cross stitching needle between my fingers than the crochet needle.

Below is the blanket I am crocheting. This blanket will be long and wide enough to wrap up in on a cold night. It is about half-way finished.

detail of the stitch

I hope you enjoyed looking at my other stitching. I definitely plan to get back to my cross stitch soon.


Thursday’s Stitching

Today I was able to work on the Derby Cross stitch. It is unusual for me to have time during the week. I did not have to get to work until later in the day, which allowed me to relax for most of the day. Even though tiredness came over me, I knew sleep was not going happen. Below is the current photo of Derby.

I am getting towards the end of the first row. I am on page 7, 4th column. The sky color is getting darker at this point. It is nice to see another blue color!

That was a good amount stitched for today. I also was walking my dog, finishing laundry and made lunch in between the stitches.

I made myself tea.

Here is the tea from Simple Loose Leaf: Namring Estate Darjeeling

From the brochure to describe this tea:

The description is Darjeeling tea is from Darjeeling district in West Bengal India. This tea is a black tea. It has a slight spiciness. The brochure from Simple Loose leaf wrote: “that the spiciness is described as Muscatel. “

It was a nice tea to drink. This is on my favorite list.

Until this weekend, which I hope I can find a solid time of stitching and this time, without a headache as last few weekends had.

cross stitch

Sipping Tea, Trying to Stitch

Finding the time to stitch this weekend was difficult. I was too exhausted on Friday to stitch. Saturday I did some stitching, but became too tired and mentally exhausted. Sunday I had to clean my house which took too much time away from my stitching. Then I got a headache that never seized. I was able to stitch but I was not focused on it.

So here’s what it now looks like.

Here’s the whole image of what is stitched so far.

Here’s the tea of my choice for yesterday….

I started out with Wild Berry by Simple Loose Leaf.

It is a green tea with blueberries and raspberries. (I read somewhere that raspberries can cause headaches for some people.) Perhaps that’s why I got a headache? Or the combination of mentally exhausted and being fatigue and having raspberries.

Later in the day I made myself some chamomile tea, by Bigelow. I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I spent more time sipping my tea and having some crackers than stitching.

Not a very productive stitching weekend. But there’s a weekend coming up very soon.


The weekend stitching

Saturday stitching

I finally had time to stitch on Saturday evening after a day of work.

I had the determination to complete the first column of page 7.

It was a success! My previous post showed I had some of the column stitched…

Let me remind you:

And with my determination it now looks like this:

Column 1 of page 7 completed

Here’s a close up of it

So many different floss colors. Many times reading the pattern and finding the correct placement.

It’s all starting to be worth it.

Then came Sunday

I finally sat down to work on the cross stitch by noon. Some stitching was done, but I became awfully tired.

I decided to take a nap, for an hour! I hardly nap. But needed it so much

Back to stitching….then I made dinner…then stitched until 9pm.

Hopefully you can tell, there’s a darker area of blue. This is not a mistake…this means I’m nearing the end of the sky.

Closer view of the darker part of the sky.

As planned I was able to stitch all weekend and got in a wonderful long overdue nap.

Not sure when I’ll stitch again, most likely next weekend.

Until then…