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Stitching Stockings

Yesterday was another relaxing day. I cleaned my house, finished organizing my art studio and then I did some cross stitching. I’ll be posting my organized art studio soon.

Tea Time

I couldn’t start my day without some tea. The goal for 2022 is to use more of my items around the house. I had this one mug (2 tea cup) size tea pot for many years. It comes with tiny cups, but I wanted to have more tea than those serve. It will be a frequent tea pot in my posts!

The tea of choice was green tea.

But First A Nap

I admit it, not much stitching happened. I ended up taking a nap. My cats and dog joined me. Nothing like a nap on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon.

Cross Stitching Winter Gatherings

I just ordered a delivery for a few new cooking items. 2022 will be a year of trying to bake more and learn how to bake gluten free. I’m missing some of my favorite meals and need to learn. Look for my recipe in a post coming shortly.

Happy Day



Stillness in Time with Derby

Yesterday was a day that my state learned we are going to be on an order to stay home due to the Coronavirus. I have been working from home for the past week, busy seeing clients via telehealth. I had some time to myself but not enough time to work on my cross stitching until Sunday.

But First Tea:

I bought myself a gift the other week, it is a new tea pot. I have always wanted a glass tea pot to brew the tea bloom flowers.

Here is what I bought:

It was so much fun watching the tea bloom open up. It really is the little things that bring joy!

Enjoy the video watching the Tea Bloom Flowering opening up:

The tea was very good and I will defiantly be drinking this as I am now order to stay home.


I am one little section away and another column away from completing the first row!

More to complete