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Stitching Stockings

Yesterday was another relaxing day. I cleaned my house, finished organizing my art studio and then I did some cross stitching. I’ll be posting my organized art studio soon.

Tea Time

I couldn’t start my day without some tea. The goal for 2022 is to use more of my items around the house. I had this one mug (2 tea cup) size tea pot for many years. It comes with tiny cups, but I wanted to have more tea than those serve. It will be a frequent tea pot in my posts!

The tea of choice was green tea.

But First A Nap

I admit it, not much stitching happened. I ended up taking a nap. My cats and dog joined me. Nothing like a nap on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon.

Cross Stitching Winter Gatherings

I just ordered a delivery for a few new cooking items. 2022 will be a year of trying to bake more and learn how to bake gluten free. I’m missing some of my favorite meals and need to learn. Look for my recipe in a post coming shortly.

Happy Day



Oolong with each stitch

Below is where the stitching was left off…


Tea of choice for Friday is Spiced Oolong. It is from Simple Loose Leaf

It has a nuttiness of cinnamon and ginger. When I opened it, instantly I smelled the nuttiness.

This is a wonderful tea. Normally spiced tea is not appealing to me as I find it sometimes overly spicy. However this one I definitely on my list to buy again.

I had a craving for nutella. This was my Friday evening snack reward for getting through a long week (even though I have clients scheduled for Saturday)

It just seems like it is taking a long time to finish the top row, nevertheless it is coming along.

I am loving the various colors especially when the stitch is not just blue tones.


No stitching on Saturday. When I got home from work a little later than expected, I decided that my eyes and mind were just to tired to read a cross stitch pattern. I decided to do grocery shopping after I walked my dog. Then took time for myself relaxing watching TV. Have you seen Victoria on PBS? It is on Amazon Prime, and I get hooked on movies and shows about the British Royalty. I just could only imagine what it was like for Queen Victoria. Amazing woman.


Tea of choice is Green Harmony from Simple Loose Leaf

Green teas have such a gentle taste. It has a mix of Jasmine green, Houjika and Sencha with citrus. Houjika is a twig tea, that gives this type of tea an earthier taste.

I decorated for Easter last week.

Then I ran into a slight problem, my cat sat on my cross stitch pattern book. The look she gave me when I made her get off of it. Don’t worry she is all about me, she can’t be mad at me for too long!

Foxy won’t let me cross stitch

I was able to stitch on Sunday without a headache. It seems the last few Sunday’s I was unable to function. It is surprising because the weather is warming up after a few days of snow, which causes a headache/migraine for me.

Don’t you love how the more colors are showing up!

My eyes are grateful for colors other than the blue tones.

If you would see this in person, the blending of colors is fascinating, especially when it walk further away from it to view it.

Here it is:

Page 6:3 columns to complete. Then page 7 has only 2 more columns to complete.

Almost done with the top row!

I am so grateful for everyone who is following this blog. It really encourages me to complete this cross stitch in a timely manner.



Thursday’s Stitching

Today I was able to work on the Derby Cross stitch. It is unusual for me to have time during the week. I did not have to get to work until later in the day, which allowed me to relax for most of the day. Even though tiredness came over me, I knew sleep was not going happen. Below is the current photo of Derby.

I am getting towards the end of the first row. I am on page 7, 4th column. The sky color is getting darker at this point. It is nice to see another blue color!

That was a good amount stitched for today. I also was walking my dog, finishing laundry and made lunch in between the stitches.

I made myself tea.

Here is the tea from Simple Loose Leaf: Namring Estate Darjeeling

From the brochure to describe this tea:

The description is Darjeeling tea is from Darjeeling district in West Bengal India. This tea is a black tea. It has a slight spiciness. The brochure from Simple Loose leaf wrote: “that the spiciness is described as Muscatel. “

It was a nice tea to drink. This is on my favorite list.

Until this weekend, which I hope I can find a solid time of stitching and this time, without a headache as last few weekends had.


Stitching Slowly

I really have not been doing too much on this cross stitch lately. The reasons:

  • Been exhausted
  • Been seeing a lot of clients within the last few weeks-more than usual
  • cleaning my house, shopping, cooking
  • walking my dog-since the weather is unusually warm for an area that should have snow constantly.
  • doing yoga
  • headaches! yikes!
  • today, not feeling the greatest

I hope those are realistic and understandable reasons why I just did not get much stitched.

For the tea, I opted for Peppermint Tea-in a bag. I just did not feel like brewing loose tea today, since I did not think the flavors would settle right in my stomach.

Below is a picture of outside of my window-(beautiful blue sky) weird normally this time of the year it would be snowing/possibly a snowstorm that keeps you nestled inside with hot tea.

About the Cross stitch:

So here is what I accomplished. It looks like the same as the prior post, but seriously please trust me, it is just another column of almost the same colors! I am getting closer to finishing the top row.

It is really looking sharp. I am proud of myself. I just wonder when I get to start the second row?! Guess I need to stop having excuses of not stitching and get myself back on track! (no pun intended-get it Derby track)-okay that was a long shot. Humor is dry.

Until next time I stitch….