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Watercolor Paintings

A few watercolor paintings I made over the weekend.

Happy Day


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Watercolor Flowers

Dahlia flower meaning:

wealth and elegance, and also a symbol for love.

This is dahlias that I have on my patio. Today I had a few minutes and got my watercolor paints and sat outside for awhile to capture it in real life.

I ended up taking a photo, because the bugs were biting and the sun was too hot.

Painting Outside

This is what I captured when painting outside.

Finishing Inside

Final Painting

YouTube Video

Happy Day


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My Day Off

Today I had the day off from work. It felt great to sleep in and leisurely wake up.

I started out with a gluten free dairy free and soy free breakfast.

Stockinette stitch headband

I began a few rows of a headband. Using stockinette stitch.

Gluten free breakfast

Fried egg, on toasted gluten free bagel with avocado and tomato on the side. Top off with everything bagel seasoning.

In my studio

Then I went to my studio and used watercolor and started a new acrylic painting.

Then I are lunch which was not tasty.

Winter birds cross stitch

Then I started a cross stitch of winter birds.

Evening with stockinette stitch headband

And I’ll end the night laying down with a weighted blanket and might stitch a few more rows of the stockinette stitch headband.

Why so many little things today? Because I want to do it all and haven’t been making art in over a month. I’m trying to get my creative intuition back!

Etsy store

Art is on Etsy Https://

Happy Day


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Sunday Painting

I have not been posting for awhile. Simply because I needed a break. Most of my free time has been cross stitching. My goal is to finish Derby by February.

Also my hours at work has increased slightly as new clients are calling. I have a goal to pay off some bills this early part of the year. I will need to consider buying a car later next year.

With that being said, I decided to not move. It saddens me but I need to focus on my long term goal. The long term goal is to not work as a counselor in my 60’s, and find other work to do. Or to work from home full time in 5 years. If I got another 30 year loan, then I would have no choice but work more hours and for a longer time.

Therefore, I am staying at my townhouse. And plan on finishing updating the bathroom and kitchen.

Since it is getting colder out the neighbors have stayed inside. I’m looking forward to the cold months ahead because there’s less chance my neighbors will harass me. (I am being harassed because I’m on the HOA board) trust me we made positive changes, gave owners more freedom. Someone people are just mean and hateful and don’t want others to have freedom and happiness.

Sunday, I finished a column on Derby early. I decided to close up the house early and found my way to a canvas. Afterwards I did yoga, read the Bible and read some paragraphs about chakras. Then I went to bed at 8:30! I have been exhausted and really need the sleep. I hope this extra sleep will decrease the inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis.

Here’s the beginning of the painting. I believe it will change drastically. It might not even look like this next time you see the update.

I have items on Etsy shop. Paintings and knit headbands and scarfs that’s great for the winter.

Below some examples of what’s in my Etsy shop.

Etsy shop: Https://

Happy Day


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Watercolor Doodle Journal

This past week I was unable to find time and energy to read The Creative Cure by Jacob Nordby. I didn’t even attempt it one little bit.

It was an emotional week knowing someone I respected and absolutely adored died from a long battle of cancer. My heart will break forever.

Sleeping was barely there, basically the death of this person brought me back to being 24 years old when my mom died. Her son is in his 20’s and what he has to do made my memories vivid.

After I saw two clients this morning, I went to the craft store. I tossed in many bottles of acrylic paint, canvases and paint brushes. I am set for awhile. I also bought a stand for all my painting supplies.

My studio is now organized, a little better. Not exactly what I want but definitely able to sit at the table without feeling I’m in a tight space.

Watercolor paint was calling me. But I knew I couldn’t do anything with detail. My brain is emotional my heart is emotional and I’m so exhausted my eyes hurt.

Doodle painting! That’s mindless but mindful for what I need.

Here’s the result:

Supplies Needed:

  • Watercolor paint
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Paper/journal
  • Gel pens

First use the watercolor paints and paint any shape with multiple colors on the paper.

Then take the gel pens and doodle on top of your doodle painting. Use multiple colors of gel pens if you desire. (I used only a black gel pen for my doodle)

Some close-ups

I feel relaxed. Maybe I’ll do another one before I go to bed. I’m going to try to cross stitch for the rest of the day. It’s a Hulu or Netflix night with my legs up on the ottoman.

Even my cats and dogs want to take a nap now.

I’ll be back to blog more about the book I’m reading.

Happy day


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Tears of Watercolors

I’m trying to get myself back to making watercolor pictures.

Watercolors are relaxing and soothing for me.

I found out someone I know is not doing well. She has been fighting cancer for several years. That day was difficult to hear the worst news. I took myself to the art studio and grabbed my watercolors.

I thought about life, spirituality, death and what heaven is like.

This is what came out of my emotions and thoughts.

‘Ann’ June 2021, try to keep fighting.

I pray that she will not be in pain anymore and that her angels will guide her to her next journey. And I pray her son will find himself closer to his spiritual belief and let God guide him.

It really is true, you don’t know what you have until you are looking directly at the end.

Be kind

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Rainy morning

The question of the day, is it going to rain or sunshine. It seems to not know which one it’s to do.

I ran outside quickly before it started to thunderstorm to take a picture of my rose

I began my morning in my studio. Ever find yourself having too many projects and paintings unfinished?

I’m really trying to finish my projects this summer.

This is one that was started a few months ago…(I think, I don’t really remember when I started it)

Here is what I painted today

Anyone use these acrylic markers? They are fabulous.

I also designed a graduation card.

I used watercolor, gel pens and washi tape

And then it was time to eat lunch.

For the rest of the day, I will be cross stitching.

I have a slight headache, but definitely feel an improvement after the second covid vaccination. So glad that is over.

Art is sold on Etsy…4pawsartstudio

Happy day

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Sunday in the Studio

Today I spent about two hours in my studio. It’s not much time, but my body is fatigue swollen and I just couldn’t sit long without my legs raised up. Part of the issues of having Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I really need to find a foot stool.

The other day, I stopped at the craft store before work. These metallic watercolor paints were staring at me…

I said “sure why not?” With an arm full of merchandise, I left the store in hopes I would paint later that day.

Well, the painting happened the next day.

I have been thinking about what I want to focus on for my online store. When I was in college, one of my projects was making handmade stationary. I enjoyed card making and decided that is what I’ll focus on. A little painting with a mix of stamping and collage with inspirational quotes.

That’s truly me. A person said art is my soul. I want to share my soul through card making.

Here I am at the studio table with the metallic watercolor paints and my head spinning of ideas.

Christmas is coming, that would be my inspiration. These will be potentially sold next year. (Not ready to open my shop)

I used canson watercolor paper. Then I cut it in 4 equal sizes 4.5″ x 6″.

Then I started painting…

Also used metallic paint and acrylic paint markers for added details.

Here’s the final paintings:

There’s more that will be done to it, once the plain cards are delivered. Embellishments will be included to the painting. The cards will be jazzed up.

Until then


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Kiwi Watercolor

The other day I wanted to relax before the day ended. I found myself wanting to water color that night.

The lights were dim, the candles were lite in the window. Painting in dim light was a challenge, but it was something that I have not done since art school.

I used watercolors from Artist’s Loft, it is a cheaper brand of watercolor. It seems that the colors are crisp and the flow of consistency of the paint is really fluid. The five colors I used were Viridian, Lemon Yellow, Prussian Blue, Violet, and Burnt Sienna.

The brushes I used were small sized watercolor brushes, again inexpensive.

And the paper is watercolor by Artist’s Loft. This paper is really nice for small simple watercolor paintings.

I did not take pictures of each stage of the painting. In the future I will show steps on how I completed it.


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Apples and Pears

This morning I sat in my art studio, before it became overly hot in there and started a watercolor painting.

Pears and apples by Caroline 2020 watercolor

This reminds me of Cézanne’s art.

An art instructor at the art school I attended always told me to reference Cézanne for inspiration as his painterly style is similar to mine.

Cézanne 1839-1906

Here’s his paintings.

Vessels, basket and fruit (the kitchen table) 1888-1890, oil on canvas

Onions and bottle 1895-1900 oil on canvas

I was extremely grateful to have seen these at Musée d’Orsay in Paris France.