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If the wooden pieces could talk

Making paintings, knitting headbands and scarfs and cross stitching is a few of my favorite art and crafts I enjoy.

I wanted to try something new, a functional art piece. Jewelry was the idea. I bought these wooden pieces and will be painting on them.

Stay tuned to the update on these little pieces of art.

Earlier Today

Earlier in the day, new flower paintings were started. Probably will complete these later this week.

Cross Stitch Update

Happy Day


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Paint and a ball of yarn

Have you ever been exhausted that your eyes feel separate from your head? This week has been the hardest to get through. I just couldn’t get enough sleep.

Having rheumatoid arthritis and edema causes me to have intense chronic fatigue. Not to mention the brain fog.

Everyday I imagined myself in my studio painting, but my head found the pillow instead.

This evening I took a hot shower, did some evening yoga and painted a little while talking to a friend who just had surgery the other day.

I only painted the first layer. My legs were getting swollen and starting to hurt. I really wish the inflammation would stop and my legs would be thin and never swell again!

Right now I’m going to stitch a few rows of a headband I’m making and will put on Etsy when I get it finished.

Happy day


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Chapter 5 Reclaiming my story

I have been posting about about The Creative Cure, book by Jacob Nordby.

This chapter is about creating your story.

I looked ahead in the chapter, there’s a lot of writing assignments.

I’m thinking this chapter will be broken down into mini posts.

So far it’s about storytelling and how we say things to ourselves. Page 86 “unconscious stories are the ones formed in part by the forces of socialization, rejection, and traumatic experiences.”

Page 90 he writes about rejection is part of the enemies of creativity. But it is also tied to perfection.

This statement resonates with me: “… perfectionism is like a creative poison so many of us willingly drink, without realizing that it’s paralyzing our ability to move toward our dreams and joy. We all carry the fear of rejection.” Page 92

Next post he explains about how a particular tool can help to overcome rejection…

In the meantime

Today was much too hot and humid. I found out a person I know is going through more life threatening issues. It makes me sad. She single and has to go through so many adjustments with her physical health, it saddens me. People forget single people are everything, bankers, shoppers, cooks, cleaners and their own nurse etc… I relate to this as I’m single and many don’t ever think about the challenges I face with my physical health. They just assume since I woke up, I’m fine. Not the case when health scares happen. I pray my friend gets a miracle and finds strength in her situation.

That was on my mind today. I took a nap, made dinner and cross stitched.

Cross stitch update

Here’s a detail of what I stitched today.

Happy day


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A little knitting

I have been finishing the knit headband for over a month. I knit in-between clients and early morning. However the past two weeks I have been suffering from an increase of inflammation and edema and chronic fatigue. So knitting was difficult to work on.

A few nights ago, the headband was finally finished.

I knitted a scarf a few months ago that goes with this headband.

Currently another knotted project has been started.

The plan is to knit an oversized scarf that can be used as a wrap.

The current stitch I am learning is hurdle stitch.

It’s rather simple.

Cast on the amount of stitch for your project

Row 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 k1, p1
Row 4 k1, p1
Then bind off when you get to the size of your project.

The weather is decent, finally the humid muggy weather has left us. Hopefully it won’t come back. I’ll be taking a walk with my dog and heading to the store. Later today, cross stitching and Netflix or Hulu is the goal.

Here’s where I left off with my stitching

Happy day


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Flower #5 flower doodle

Thank goodness it is Friday. Even though I work for a few hours tomorrow. I’m glad to have most of the day off. I really needed the break from the past few days.

It is raining with a nice breeze. I smell food from outside. It kinda smells like fried potatoes.

I spent the day watching movies and tv shows. And cross stitching. It’s been too long since I picked up my needle for stitching Derby.

Here is where I am at now…

What’s next?

At least one less column! I had to return to the fabric store to get more DMC colors. And I bought a new color of yarn…I want to knit an oversized wrap to use at my office. It gets cold in my office.

That will be another post in the future.

I did yoga and finished my doodle flower drawing. It done on a 9″x 6″ paper.

I will be concentrating on finishing my next painting.

And the rest of the month will be starting and completing a large flower painting. You will have to stay turned to more posts to see it. Sneak peak is coming soon.

(maybe I’ll add in some small flower paintings)

Etsy shop is open: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day


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Flower #4 Delight and Brights

What a Day! It started out stress with more stress and now ending in more delight and bright.

It was freshing to sit at my table to make art and use paper materials.


  • Assorted decorative paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Sponge brush
  • Acrylic markers

First choose the colors of the background. Layer the tissue paper on top of each other to blend colors. To layer use glue and water together and brush on paper with sponge brush then brush the tissue paper to smooth it.

Glue/water mixture. .add enough glue and water to make the glue thin, that way it is easy to spread.

Next cut out flower petal shapes in decorative paper.

Glue the petal shapes on the paper and take the glue/water mixture and go over the surface.

Let it dry. Then add details on the paper with acrylic markers.

Happy day


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Vision Board

Have you ever wondered how to make a vision board?

It is simple. There’s a few ideas I have to make one that will show you what your goals are.

Some ideas about vision boards:

  1. Choose a specific goal such as a career board, vacation board, home board etc
  2. Use categories to make your vision board. The entire board will capture one image for each category.
  3. Meditate on your vision board. What you meditate on can be the focus of the vision board.

Vision Board Supplies

  • Magazines
  • Access to s computer and color printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape
  • Construction paper
  • Large size poster board

1. Start by going through the magazine to find words, phrases, or pictures that represent your goals

2. Arrange the pictures into the poster board.

3. Optional place construction paper on the poster board to add colors in-between the pictures.

4. Once it is arranged, glue the pictures.

5 optional use washi tape to add color between the pictures.

Enjoy making your vision board

Etsy shop is open: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day

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Knitting in the studio

Where have a been? I have been working on my health. Last few months has been a huge change in my diet. I have to eat gluten free dairy free and soy free. So my time was spent on clearing out my kitchen and learning to make meals differently.

It has made a difference. No more fatigue and brain fog. I can actually focus on my art.

I recently wanted to make something different. Fiber arts is something I have been drawn to. So I am knitting a shawl. I still paint and draw from time to time but not rushing to finish it.

The change with my health has helped me to relax and enjoy doing the art or craft rather than speeding to finish it.

I have many projects half-way finished. My goal is to get some of the completed by the end of the summer.

Here’s the shawl I am knitting.

Happy creating,


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Decorative Paper Collage-An Art Journal

How to make a collage using decorative paper.

The supplies you need are at your limits with creativity. Any decorative paper or wrapping paper can be your inspiration for the colors you want to use. This is used for those that finding cutting with scissors difficult and need to take some of the anger out on the materials. This art task can be used with any age, preferably with adolescents and adults. As an art therapist, I like this one because it becomes successful no matter the skill level, it is less intimidating. (this is not used as a substitute for counseling/therapy.)


  • decorative paper, wrapping paper
  • glue/mod podge
  • brush for mod podge-I recommend to use mod podge
  • pencil
  • journal or 9″x12″ mix media paper
  • markers

You can work directly in your journal or you can tear the sheets out. This is your decision. Here is my supply of decorative papers. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

Here are the steps:

Draw with a pencil the shape you want to work in. I chose an apple. Then select the papers you want in your design. Pick up to 6 or 8 no less than 4. Think about the colors choices when selecting your decorative paper.

I used mod podge as the glue for the paper. I added some water to it to dilute it, it makes it easier to brush on the paper. I start in a small area and work my way around the shape that I drew. Tear the decorative paper in different shapes and start gluing it onto the paper. Overlapping is essential to make this a unique piece of art. Once it is filled in, then brush lightly a layer of mod podge onto the paper, covering it entirely.

After it dries draw a boarder around it in any color of marker. It adds a nice edge to it.

Below is a video of the demonstration:

Happy Decorative Collage!


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Magnets with Washi Tape

See tutorial of this art craft below:

These magnets are fun to make for all ages, and are great gifts for weddings, birthdays, any celebrations and holidays. The receiver of this gift will fall in love with these magnets.


  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • circle hole punch-find it in scrap booking section of craft store
  • assorted cardstock paper-plain paper and decorative paper
  • mod podge
  • brush
  • 1″ glass beads-bottom as a flat edge
  • 1″ circle wood pieces
  • 1″ or smaller magnet
  • hot glue

Here are the steps:

  1. use the hole puncher and cut out any decorative paper.
  2. Brush the mod podge onto the flat edge of the glass bead.
  3. once dry hot glue the magnet on.

Here’s the steps for the cardstock and washi:

  1. use the hole puncher and punch out a curcle from the decorateive or plain color cardstock.
  2. tear the washi tape and decorate the circle cut out
  3. brush the mod podge and glue to cardstock with washi tape to it.
  4. Add a back to it to cover up the tape edges
  5. once dry hot glue the magnet

wooden piece magnets

same as above but you can decorate the wood piece directly with the washi tape

use cardstock circle shape to cover the back before hot gluing the magnet.

The finished magnets:

Enjoy this crafting, please leave a comment or question below and view my tutorial on youtube: