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Thirty minutes of Art Journaling

Art journaling is a great way to let your create thoughts flow out into a page using art materials. During this pandemic an art journal can help to express your feelings, uncertainties and hope. Art skill and talent is not needed, simple supplies and trusting the process is all you need.

Supplies needed:

  • Art journal
  • Watercolor paints
  • Various sizes of brushes
  • Color pencils
  • Acrylic markers-optional

Start by brushing watercolors onto the paper. Any shape and line. Put a variety of colors and shaped into this first step.

Let it dry. Then take color pencils and start coloring in areas to give it a “pop.” Add acrylic markers to it for extra detail and depth. Layer the details. Just let yourself flow with it and not expect a specific painting at the end. Just have fun.

Happy journalling


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Leaf Drawing Using Color Pencil

Today I was walking my dog and noticed so many leaves on the ground and thought about the many colors autumn has delivered for us in my area. Then quickly my creative mind went off and decided to show how I draw a color a leaf.

It’s really simple. At the end of this post is a video of my demonstration.

Supplies needed:

  • Crayola color pencils
  • Color pencil paper
  • Leaves for inspiration
  • Some good music!

I found a leaf shape I wanted to color. I cut the paper size and placed the leaf on the paper, then took a pencil and traced it. Yes, I certainly did trace it. Why make things hard, there’s too much going on as is.

Then look at the leaves, each one and get inspired by the colors.

I wanted to show you how crayola color pencils can make lovely drawings. The secret, start with a lightly pressured base color and build up using a circular movement and thatching movement. Layer layer layer!

Below is my color palette inspired by the leaves.

I used this color pencil paper

This drawing isn’t about color an exact replica of a leaf. It’s being inspired by the colors of Autumn. Use your artistic permission to be creative and express yourself.

Keep adding colors…

This is my final drawing using crayola color pencils…

Please try it. Using crayola color pencils are less expensive but the drawing can become very beautiful if you take your time and try different layers and techniques. Stay on your artist budget! But create.

More to come…


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Monday’s Art

I’m in my studio today. It’s a beautiful Autumn day, the tree outside of my art studio is glowing with golden leaves.

I started painting a lady bug to warm up my creativity, my arm and just to wake up to some color.

Lunch came so I walked my dog, are and talked to a neighbor then returned to the studio.

Originally watercolor was going to be my choice of medium, but color pencils prevailed.

This drawing took me an hour. My arm is tired but it felt great to color shapes. Most of my work is similar to this. Shapes and using lines in my art is part of my brand.

I’m satisfied with this drawing.


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Mindful Drawing

A mindful drawing is a drawing that starts with a scribble shape and layers of shapes are added to it, until, you as the artist decide that the drawing is completed. Then you will take color pencils, pens or markers and color in the shapes as it pleases you. This is a drawing that has no right or wrong.

The purpose of mindful drawing:

  • keeps focus on present moment
  • helps to slow down
  • decreases anxiety

Steps to take before you start a mindful drawing

  • set an intention-is it to relax, want to decrease self-criticism, let go of judgment and resistance
  • meditate
  • listen to calming music to help relax
  • Follow your intuition

The supplies:

  • paper-I use paper from a 11″x14″ multi-media paper sketch book
  • color pencils
  • color pens
  • markers-thin and thick

First I start with a black pen and start making marks on paper, circles, lines, different shapes.

Then I start coloring in the shapes. You can pre-determine the colors, or you can chose colors based on what you want at the moment.

Below is the completed drawing. I moved it around and like all sides.

Give it a try.

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Valley of Houses

Let’s be inspired, do not steal art. Let’s be creative together.

This is drawn with color pencils. Prismacolor and Crayola color pencils.

I might color more on the grass and sky. But for now I’m going to rest and look at it again later.


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Bird on a Branch

Bird on a Branch
Caroline color pencil. 11″x14″

This drawing is from a photo from a magazine.

I began by lightly sketching the bird and branch. Then found blues, greens, purples to color the bird.

Prismacolor I chosen was a soft and very blendable.

Below is the stages of coloring.

Let’s be inspired by other artists not copy their work.