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Cuddling with Books

The other day I tried making gluten free pita bread. It was a flop. I decided to buy a few gluten free cookbooks to learn more about it.

The books arrived today. I’m going to sit on the sofa and read a little and watch some tv. Then I need to go through another cross stitch pattern I found and decide if I want to start stitching it after winter gatherings.

Did You Know

I’m at the introduction of the gluten free cookbook and learning so much.

I didn’t know that you can not measure gluten free flour the same as wheat flour. And it’s best to use a kitchen scale.

Off to the store tomorrow to buy a kitchen scale.


Here’s my dinner:

It’s Salmon, rice, beets, asparagus. With a glass of water.

Earlier today I started organizing and looking through a bin on my vanity.

Most items in this bin was thrown away. Yes, all nail polish was tossed. Only the clear nail polish was kept. I’m not into painting nails anymore.

Tomorrow there’s a few clients on my schedule. But I am planning to get to the store and then try to go through my cleaning supplies and reorganize the closet in the office.

Then stitching at night until I fall asleep. I don’t care for new years eve. So it’s not important to watch the ball drop. I rather get sleep!

Happy Evening