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Cross Stitch Update, another one

Here’s the latest on the Rue Paris cross stitch.

I have two more pattern pages for the top. Then I’ll be working on the bottom of the cross stitch.


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Rue Paris cross stitch

Update on my cross stitching.

I finally was able to stitch the Eiffel Tower. I had problems with getting it to look straight. Either I miscounted the colors when I was stitching or the pattern had a mistake in it. Either way I was able to fix it by putting a top stitch over it and it has improved greatly.

Lately I have been stitching and crocheting and finishing up an oil painting.

I have also started a new YouTube channel called Caroline’s creative corner it’s part of the 4pawsartstudio. It’s videos of watching me paints with music. I don’t talk about my painting in the videos unless I include subtitles. Check it out and subscribe and like to my channel it will help me continue the motivation to make videos.


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Stitching Today

It’s been a day! I hit exhaustion from working more than 40 hrs last week. And my brother’s dog died suddenly this morning. He will always be missed.

Sammie will be missed.

Stitching Today

The exhaustion combined with the devastating news about Sammie dying, caused me to take a nap.

Then I worked on my Rue Paris cross stitch.

This was the most current before today’s stitching….

And today I accomplished finishing another column

This week is another busy full schedule. I won’t be able to cook much or stitch much. I might not even read this week.

I made veggie soup today and have some things ready to go for lunch.

Wishing the world will get better and financially we all don’t suffer anymore.

Peace to everyone, we need to pray more and believe.


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It’s Been Hard Lately

I’m exhausted, my legs are swollen, they look like elephant legs and I’m in pain.

It’s all because I have an autoimmune illness, Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have had this since I was 2 years old.

The lymphedema and lipedema was diagnosed last year.

So I’m sitting on my sofa, watching a comedy show ready to fall asleep at 5:40pm. I had a late lunch. It was delicious, mushroom stroganoff and green beans.

Anyway, I’m just relaxing and decided to crochet my blanket tonight.

I really should do some art examples for my art therapy practice. But I don’t feel like putting my legs down.

Here’s what I have done

Rue Paris cross stitch

Crochet blanket

I closed my Etsy shop recently. I might be back later this year to reopen it. I have to figure out my counseling practice and I need to work more. Things are just too expensive right now. Everyone is feeling it. We will get through it because we have to.



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What activities do I lose myself in?

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Most people on this blog know that I am an artist, so no surprise that I would say anything art related, but mostly cross stitching. There is nothing like the feel of the thread going through the little tiny holes in the cross stitch fabric. I love the colors of the threads when they are stitched together or side-by-side. It’s a calming way to pass the time away, especially on Sunday afternoons. I usually work a few hours Sunday morning at my counseling job, and then I grab lunch and then get comfortable under a blanket with my cross stitch supplies to the side of me.

I will watch a show on Netflix and stitch for hours without caring about anything else. There have been times I stitched so much my hand was swollen and it hurt so much. I also had times were the housework just had to wait until another day. The stitching is priority!

Cross stitching and any needlepoint is an old-fashioned craft, and I wish more people would learn how it can be rewarding to follow a pattern and get a wonderful beautiful painting in threads at the end.

Here is what I have been working on, Rue Paris,


Etsy shop


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Cross stitching to another page

I have been working on Rue Paris cross stitch for over a year. I don’t expect it to be done this year.

In between my job, making art, posting on Etsy, and just starting a business for art therapy, I have slowed down on my stitching time. But I should be back to a normal schedule for stitching soon.

I am hoping my art therapy practice will be a success. If you are interested check out my website-

You can find it on Instagram under zen art and wellness

Etsy shop is open. New art has been added.

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Stitching Update

I have been working on cross stitch and a crochet blanket lately. Also been commissioned to create a cross stitch with my own drawing.

Rue Paris Cross Stitch

Started stitching the top part of Rue Paris.

Commission Cross Stitch

Crochet Blanket

Etsy shop is open. New Paintings in February will be posted for sale.