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Update on Rue Paris

It’s been very hot. I had the day off and decided to buy flowers for the garden. Then I stayed inside and worked on my cross stitch.

Rue Paris

Just a small corner to finish for the top section.

The building is starting to take shape

After the top section is finished, the street will be next.


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Rue Paris cross stitch

Update on my cross stitching.

I finally was able to stitch the Eiffel Tower. I had problems with getting it to look straight. Either I miscounted the colors when I was stitching or the pattern had a mistake in it. Either way I was able to fix it by putting a top stitch over it and it has improved greatly.

Lately I have been stitching and crocheting and finishing up an oil painting.

I have also started a new YouTube channel called Caroline’s creative corner it’s part of the 4pawsartstudio. It’s videos of watching me paints with music. I don’t talk about my painting in the videos unless I include subtitles. Check it out and subscribe and like to my channel it will help me continue the motivation to make videos.


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Cross stitching to another page

I have been working on Rue Paris cross stitch for over a year. I don’t expect it to be done this year.

In between my job, making art, posting on Etsy, and just starting a business for art therapy, I have slowed down on my stitching time. But I should be back to a normal schedule for stitching soon.

I am hoping my art therapy practice will be a success. If you are interested check out my website-

You can find it on Instagram under zen art and wellness

Etsy shop is open. New art has been added.

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Embroidery Sunflower

Lately, I have been drawing flowers. And this little embroidery was forgotten for a few days.

It is now completed.


To Do List

  • Continue drawing flowers in sketch book
  • Continue coloring flower drawings
  • Work on flower acrylic painting
  • Work on cross stitch
  • Work on knitting for the blanket

Let’s see if I can stick to this list

Happy Day


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Embroidery Stitching

This is the latest I have been working on. The reason I started embroidery was because I needed something simple and fun to do while I have been extremely busy with work and I needed a break from the Paris Rue cross stitch.


I am working on another one and will post when it is finished.

Happy Day